Say hello to the new Toyota 86 convertible... 
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No.. this is not clickbait... and yes, it is absolutely happening. Holy. Shit... I'm just as surprised as you but, "What happened to Netflix and the promised TV series we were all hoping for??!", you may be asking? Well in their contracts which ended up being a bit of a major sticking point, Clarkson, May and Hammond were told they can't create another terrestrial TV program for two years, so this little clause helps to clarify why they went with an online provider in the interim. It also means the trio will have a lot more creative flexibility in what is broadcast, meaning there are likely going to be laughs galore on a scale we haven't even seen yet.
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7’s day. One of the biggest days of the year for rotor heads the world over. And Japan, naturally, is the guest speaker every year. Many nations have developed the nouse to build and tune a rotary engine but if not for the Japanese, we may likely not even be enjoying them today. And it must be said; of all manufacturers on this planet, only Mazda refused to give in on this engineering marvel and despite a gritty sandstorm of rumors surrounding the engine’s future, it still remains in the global frame. It just hasn’t found a reason to be just yet. I’m as confident in Mazda continuing the Rotary lineage as I am in knowing Mazda is an anagram for my name.
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In the previous installment of this huge coverage of Art of Speed 2015, you saw some of the craziest rat rods, slick European machines and two wheeled works of art. It is now time to shed light on the cars from the land of the rising sun; and one of the most influential entities of customization, the one and only Mooneyes. Mooneyes began life as Moon Speed Equipment, a performance parts brand established in the 1950s by Dean Moon in the USA which supplied and manufactured performance and style up parts. The race cars that were built by Moon weren’t only great performers but also looked good at it as well, with signature livery of the moon logos paired with the bright yellow paint scheme. 
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There’s not a lot of information out there on what is actually one of the rarest R34 GT-R's of them all but that’s something I’m going to address right here, right now. For you and for Google alike. I cannot claim to be a well spring of information on the BNR34 chassis but I have gathered a fair amount of information on all the variants over the years to know enough to hold a conversation (and an article) but if there’s anyone I do know that knows more than a thing or two about this particular car (and it’s siblings), it’s Kristian Appelt from Iron Chef Imports in Adelaide, Australia. 
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art of speed
Art of Speed Malaysia is an event I have been following since its humble beginnings held at the atrium of a bustling shopping district in Malaysia and has continued to be held at Shopping malls up till this year, where the event has truly shifted gears and powered up to a massive exhibition hall.  Art of Speed has always been an event I look forward to featuring because of the way it has grown; from a local Kustom Kulture show to what is now of true international standards, with participants and vendors from all over the world such as Thailand, Japan, Singapore and the USA. 
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